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Fr Henry D’Almeida SJ

Fr Henry D’Almeida SJ
Date of Birth: 25-12-1963

  • PhD – University of Pune
  • MA – Sanskrit and Pali (University of Pune)
  • MTh – Master of Theology (Vidyajyoti, Delhi)
  • BSc – Physics(Karnataka University, Dharwad)
  • BTh – Bachelor of Theology (Vidyajyoti, Delhi)
  • BPh – Bachelor of Philosophy (JDV, Pune)

Administrative Experience :

  • Member of the Executive Committee from the faculty of Philosophy,Jnanadeepa Vidyapeeth,Pune
  • Member of the Doctoral Committee
  • Member of the M.Ph. Board
  • Member of the Library Committee
  • Coordinator of the Language Laboratory
  • Member of the Spirituality Center
  • Member of the Science and Religion Centre

Professional Teaching Experiences :

  • Jnana Deepa Vidyapeeth, Pune (from 1997 to-date )
  • Regional Theology Centre,Anekal(Bangalore)1999 onwards
  • Mater Dei Institute(Goa)

The Courses Instructed :

  • Early Hindu Thought(2Credits)
  • Darshanas (2Credits)
  • Indian Philosophy of Language and Hermeneutics(4 Credits)
  • Nastika Dharsanas (2 credits)
  • Bhagavad Gita ( 2 credits)
  • Basic Sanskrit(2 Credits)
  • Advanced Sanskrit( 2 credits)
  • Historical Development of Indian Philosophy(2Credits)
  • Indian logic(1 Credit)
  • Religions in Karnataka(2 Credits taught in Kannada)
  • Religious thought in Kannada Literature(2 Credits taught in Kannada)
  • Pali(4 Credits)
  • Indian religious Classics(4Credits)

Workshops and Special Lectures on the Topics :

  1. Salient Features of Indian religions on June 18-19,2010 Ishvani Kendra, Pune.“
  2. “Schhols of Vedanta” Department of Sanskrit, University of Pune
  3. Gita and Management-Workshop for the participants of Strategic

Paper Presentations :

  1.  “Values of the Kingdom of God enfleshed in the Writings of Basava” Southern Regional Theologate Seminar,Chennai,2001
  2. “Faith(sraddha),reason(tarka) and wisdom(prajna) in Classical Indian Traditions: Nature, Dynamics and Praxis” JDV Interdisciplinary Seminar:October,12-13,2013.
  3. “Living Out Dharma:A Dialogue between Matthean Beatitudes and Jain Mahavratas”-Annual Interfaculty Seminar on Dharma of Jesus,11-12 October,2014.

  1. English- Kannada Theological Lexicon coedited with Jerome D’souza, Regional theology Centre, Bangalore.
  2. Gems from India, writings on Adhikara(p.173),Ahimsa(p.146),Brahmacarya(p.127),Dhyana(p.103),Naman(73),Sunyam(p.57),andYoga(p.133),ISPCK/VIEWS,Delhi,2006.
  3. Basava : Service to Humanity is Service to God.,Jeevadhara,May,pp.174-190,2002.
  4. “Modern Religious movements in India”(in Kannada)in Dharma Vishvakosha,Ed.,Rahmat Tarikere, Kannada University, Hampi,pp.55-63,2000.

 E-mail: halmeida63@gmail.com
 Tel: 020-27007580; Mob: 9130947929

 Address: De Nobili College
Nagar Road, Ramwadi
Pune  – 411 014