Philosophy Programme



The Faculty of Philosophy aims at evolving a Christian philosophical vision that will promote personal, social and ecological well-being. This aim is realized through the following objectives.


To promote familiarity with the different philosophical traditions of the world with special focus on the local philosophies of India.

To evolve an integral understanding of the humanperson, the world and the divine, from interdisciplinary and subaltern perspectives, in the context of the enriching and challenging diversity of cultures, languages, religions, ideologies, people’s movements and the impact of natural and social sciences.

To develop the facility for creative thinking imbued with experiences and to foster an open-minded and mutually enriching dialogue, leading to a transformative praxis.

Admission Requirements

- Minimum Educational Qualification: Pre-degree or +2 with a minimum of high second class or its equivalence and one year of Orientation programme/training in English after Pre-degree or +2.

- Proficiency in English: To assess the proficiency of the applicants an English Test will be conducted by JDV in the month of June. Those who do not pass this examination will be given ‘provisional admission’ only and will be required to attend ‘Remedial English Classes’ for one semester (with additional charge) and will have to prove their proficiency in English at the end of the semester.

Programme Requirements

- The BPh degree is a Three-year programme. To qualify for the degree a student must, as a rule, obtain 180 credits. If a student has already a bachelor’s degree, she/he may be allowed to complee BPh in two years, considered on an individual basis.

- The BPh programme consists of Obligatory Basic, Supplementary Obligatory and Additional Optional Courses. Obligatory Basic and Supplementary Obligatory Courses are prescribed for all the B.Ph students. In addition, every student must take a certain number of Additional Optional Courses.

- The students are required to register for the optional courses of their choice at the beginning of the academic year.

- Students may withdraw from an optional course only for very serious reasons and with the written permission of the Dean. There is a fee for change of the registration for optional courses.


- There will be final examinations for all the courses taught. Final examinations will be held at the end of every semester.

- Each course will have on-going assessments (or internal evaluations) of the students by the professor(s) concerned who will grade them according to their academic performance. Besides class participation, there will be two components of internal evaluations usually for each course which will have a weightage of 50 % of the grade.

- Absence from an examination without the prior written permission of the Dean will be counted as failure.

- Degree students who have five failures in basic and/or optional courses-including failures in re-examinations- at the end of two semesters, or seven failures at the end of three semesters, will automatically cease to be eligible for the degree and will be transferred to the Two-Year Certificate Programme.

- To obtain BPh degree the student will have to appear for a comprehensive examination, which consists of a written test of three hours and an oral exam before a board of two examiners.

- Re-examination sessions will be held twice: in January, after the Christmas holidays, for examinations of the first semester courses, and in June, after the re-opening, for examinations of the second semester courses. For failures in the last semester, re-examinations will be held in the beginning of January before the Comprehensive Examination.

- Those who wish to appear for re-examinations will have to apply in writing to the Controller of Examinations on the dates indicated in the Calendar. There is a fee for registering for re-examinations.