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Note on Scholarships in JDV for 2018-19

JDV desires to support our students, especially in higher learning, with good scholarships. However JDV is not in a position to guarantee scholarships as our application forms are screened and approved by the donor agencies like Missio and Jesuit.

All deserving students at the level of Doctoral and Master’s studies and women students of Diploma, Baccalaureate courses are requested to get the scholarship forms for (Missio / Missiological / Jesuit) from Ms. Annette (Extn no. 543) by June 15, 2018 and submit their applications for scholarships to her by June 27, 2018.

All students should also obtain an endorsement signature from their respective Superior/Bishop on their application. They should give an undertaking, counter-signed by their respective Superior/Bishop, that they would complete the course, failing which, not withstanding the reasons, they would reimburse the scholarship amount to JDV. Scanned copy (Pg. 3 of the application form) will suffice.

Those applicants who are approved by the donors will receive their scholarships at the end of the academic year, after receiving ‘clearance’ note from the respective Deans/HoD’s of study and the house superiors. Anyone, failing on the conditions and terms of scholarship, will either lose scholarship or will be fined accordingly.

‘Missio’ one of our donor agencies, has specific ‘terms and conditions’ for applications; these include:

  1. Age limit: 40 years.
  2. Neediness: Priests, rel. sisters and brothers from financially sound dioceses and congregations should not apply for a missio scholarship any more. Generally missio excludes candidates from regions which are not supported any more by missio due to economic reasons: Kerala, Goa and Tamilnadu.
  3. Lay people: As missio is giving priority for lay people studying theology the exclusion by regions does not apply to them.
  4. A person generally should obtain only one missio scholarship (for one course of studies, for example if somebody already got a BA-scholarship he/she should not apply for any other scholarship (MA etc.) later. Exceptions should be possible in case of very talented students without own means.
  5. A fixed rate of 500 EUR per student per year was introduced in 2014. For lay students a full scholarship (but not more than 1.000 EUR per year) is possible upon request. An amount of 10% (10 EUR) will be added as administration cost for the institution.
  6. Cofunding: It is not possible to cofund scholarships with other agencies. Therefore the scholarship application should not be sent to another agency/agencies for the very same students.
  7. Summarized financial and narrative report signed by the responsible for the project (Director of the institution).
  8. Evidence of payment signed by every student who received the scholarship.
  9. Evidence of attendance/certificates for/from every student who received a missio scholarship.
  10. Doctorate Theses (to be sent by pdf with the respective project number).
  11. For doctoral students, the exclusion by regions and the limit of 500 Euro do not apply.

Recipients of scholarship are requested to keep the donors in their prayers, and the best way of showing gratitude is to fulfill all the ‘terms and conditions’.

Selva Rathinam, S., SJ
President of JDV