Women’s Forum

Election of the Office Bearers

On the 20th of June 2016, in the presence of Fr.StephanJayared, animator of women’s forum, the election of the new Office Bearers of the woman’s forum for the year 2016-17 took place. It was held in the lecture room No.5 at 12.45 pm. Sr. Nisi K .T. outgoing secretary along with Sr. Greta Lobo animated the process of election. Sr. Maureen Peiris (SCC) 2nd year BTH was elected as the new Coordinator of the forum. The core committee was formed with:

Secretary: Sr. Shylaja (MSQA) – 1st Year DPM

Treasurer: Sr. Gracy (GS) – 1st Year Diploma Course

Team Members: Sr. Lovely Mary (SOLM) –III Year BTH

Sr. Sushila Remy (USF)-1st Year Diploma Course

Sr. Paula Mary (FIHM) - 1st Year BPH

Sr. Jiya Jose (SKD) -1st Year BTH

At the end of the election Fr. Stephan Jayard addressed the gathering and welcomed all the new Office Bearers.

Inauguration Eucharist and Gathering

On 25th June 2016, the inaugural Eucharistic celebration and orientation programme of JDV women’s forum commenced at PG block around 4.pm. Fr.VincentCrasta, Registrar of Jdv, celebrated the Holy Eucharist. FrSelvaRathinam the President of JDV enlightened us with a thought-provoking homily based on the theme “Woman –call to manifest God’s mercy”. It was an appropriate response to Pope Francis’ invitation to participate in the year of mercy, imbibed with God’s compassion and love.

After some refreshments, we gathered in the PG hall. Fr. Stephen Jayard, the animator of the women’s forum, addressed us with the theme “Women, A wonder that wonders”. The preciousness of female presence and the amazing strength, which she owns, takes us beyond the present social practices. It was a chance to bring in us awareness that male and female are not opposite but complimentary to work hand in hand for a better world. The yearly programme was presented by Sister Maureen Peiris and we had a meaningful sharing for the coming year.