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Welcome to Jnana Deepa Vidyapeeth

President's Message

Dear Staff, students and Campus Superiors,
We are approaching Jan. 26, 2020 to celebrate one more Republic Day. As we are proud to be Indians we are also aware of the challenges our country faces today at economic and social front. Our economic growth is sluggish for some time. India is going through a severe slow down with Gross Domestic Product growth likely to be a woeful 5% – far below the expected 7.4%. Surveys of economists reflect an uncertainty about what can possibly reverse the slide India is currently on. This is deeply disturbing for our country. But what is more disturbing is that some still insist that nothing is wrong with our economy because people are still having weddings! On the social front we see the nationwide opposition to the Citizenship Act. A piece in the New York Times asked, “As protests rage on Citizenship Bill, is India becoming a Hindu nation?” The London-based Times, said, “India’s citizenship test unleashes Muslim despair and fury.”
It is in this context we reflect upon our studies and commitment at JDV. We prepare ourselves for a modest contribution to make our country a better place. This year we opened the JDV class rooms for the regular classes of one slum school for few months free of charge as their school was affected by torrent rain and was under repair. Through JDV social outreach program our students adopted one slum to teach the children there regularly and recently we partly helped them financially to put up a decent place in their slum for their children to come and study. Through Women’s Forum and Tarumitra, too our students reach out to the poor, the aged and the children. Through various seminars, symposiums, contextual study programs, study tours, pilgrimages, emergency response by our student volunteers to natural calamities, participation with presentation of papers by both staff and students in different parts of the country and extension...Read More

Latest News

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History of JDV

JNANA-DEEPA VIDYAPEETH (JDV) is the name given to the Pontifical Athenaeum in Pune in its Revised Statutes of 1972. The Pontifical Athenaeum has a history going back to 1893 when Pope Leo XIII founded the Papal Seminary in Kandy, Sri Lanka, and entrusted its direction and administration to the Society of Jesus. The charter of 27 July 1926, issued by the Holy See, elevated the Papal Seminary to the status of a Pontifical College with the rights and privilege of conferring the Baccalaureate, Licentiate and Doctorate in both Philosophy and Theology. In the Statutes of 1940, approved by the Congregation for Catholic Education, the Pontifical Athenaeum, comprising the Faculties of Philosophy and Theology, was given an autonomous status with its own academic and administrative setup. In 1955 the Papal Seminary-and, with it, the Papal Athenaeum-was transferred from Sri Lanka to Pune, in close proximity to De Nobili College, the Jesuit Read More

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