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Fr. General’s Common Programme’s in Pune
Date Time Programme
05-03-19 7.00 pm Arrival, All guests will be received at the Grotto and danced to the entrance by Schol. Vinay and team. c/o Fr. Edward
  8.00 pm Supper at Theologian’s Refectory c/o Fr. Jacob
06-03-19 6.45 am Blessing of Ignatian Spirituality Centre (A small group of Community members only will be present) c/o Fr. Francis Pudhicherry
  7.15 am Community Photograph (Basket Ball Court)  c/o Fr. Arjen (DNC Attached members, please come for the photo by 7.05am)
  7.30 am Breakfast at Theolo/Philo’s Refectory for all present for the photo. c/o Fr. Jacob
  8.30 am Mass at  JDV (Papal Seminary Chapel)- JDV & Seminary Programs  c/o Fr. Selva Rathinam & Fr. Bahusaheb
  9.45 am Tea/Informal interaction with JDV Staff, Campus Superiors at CWS c/o Frs. Jose Thayil/Selva Rathinam
  12.30 pm Group Photo, Short address at Papal Hall c/o Fr. Bahusaheb
  1.00 pm Lunch at Papal Seminary c/o Fr. Bahusaheb
  3.30 pm Tea at DNC Staff Room c/o Fr. Jacob
  4.00 pm- 5.30 pm Meeting the Scholastics at DNC/PG (Community Hall) c/o Fr. Edward (MC= Arun Simon)
  6.30 pm- 7.30 pm Meeting with Campus Jesuit Staff (Community Hall)  c/o Fr. Edward
  7.45 pm A short welcome & Dinner at the DNC Basket Ball Court for all Campus Jesuits and Jesuits come for Fr. General’s Programs  c/o Fr. Edward (MC= Lenoy Jose) (Fr. Jose Thayil, kindly let Fr. Jacob know the numbers of those in PG Block)
7-3-2019 6.45 am Holy Mass with Campus Jesuits at DNC Philosopher’s Chapel c/o At the alter with Fr. General: Edward, George Beck, Bhausaheb and Paul Raj(MC)(Group Photo in the chapel after mass with Concelebrants)
  7.30 am Breakfast for all present at the mass: at Theolo/Philo’s Refectory c/o Fr. Jacob
  9.00 am-10.30 am Programs at the PG Block  :Meeting the Jesuit Brothers c/o Br. Siluvai &  Fr. Marianus Kujur
  10.30 am Tea at PG Block c/o Fr. Jose Thayil
  11.00am -12.30pm Meeting the Higher Education Group c/o Fr. Joye James
  1.00 pm Saying Hello to the PG and CWS students at the PG refectory c/o Fr. Jose Thayil
  1.10 pm Lunch with the Brothers and Higher Education group at the basement c/o Fr. Jose Thayil (Back to DNC. 5pm to St Vincent’s c/o Fr. Andrew.

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