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JDV – Centers

  • JDV Centre for Science and Religion Studies:
    JDV Centre for Science and Religion Studies: This has been in operation for more than 13 years. Recently its services have been expanded to reach a wider section of our society. The Master’s in Interfacing Science, Philosophy and Religion (MSPR), the JDV Chair of Science-Religion Studies, a specialised science and religion library, scholarships for postgraduate students and research scholars, a regular lecture series in the area of science-religion interaction, weekend seminars, etc., are some of its regular activities.
  • JDV Centre for Pastoral Management :
    This Centre has been functioning for almost 10 years. It offers the MPM (Master’s in Pastoral Management) Programme to train a cadre of well-informed pastoral leaders with high level managerial skills and administrative expertise, based on Christian principles and tradition.
  • JDV Centre for Applied Ethics:
    This Centre aims at promoting serious study, reflection, research and publication on the ethical and moral impact and implications of recent developments in the world around us, particularly in the context of globalization and scientific-technological developments.
  • JDV Centre for Spirituality:
    This Centre aims to advance in-depth study and application of spiritual heritage of the East and the West. An integral spirituality will be the specific focus of the Centre. In view of this, the Centre will promote study and research especially in the various spiritual traditions of Asia in particular and of the world.
  • JDV Centre for Women’s Studies:                                             

    JDV CWS is an interdisciplinary centre to promote gender inclusive research, critical reflection and collaborative action on issues concerning women and gender, intersectionality and power dynamics in the institution, church and society. It seeks to create loving and supportive networks, both religious and secular, within the institution and among feminist scholars, theologians, religious women and Institutes and Centres for women and gender studies at the local, national and international levels. 

    For any information please contact: jdvcws@jdv.edu.in