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Theology Visiting Faculty

S No Name and Qualification Department
1 Dr. Anil Thomas, CM Missiology
2 Mr. Adrian Rosario Pastoral Courses
3 Fr. Antony Samy, OSB Scriptural Studies
4 Dr. Benjamin Alphonso, OFM Cap Systematic Theology
5 Dr. Binoy Jacob Systematic Philosophy
6 Dr. Cletus D’Souza, SDB Pastoral and Moral Theology
7 Prof. Emmanuel Braggs Pastoral and Moral Theology
8 Dr. Jose Murickan, O Praem Pastoral and Moral Theology
9 Dr. Jomin Nirrapel Scriptural Studies
10 Dr. James B. Dabhi, SJ Scriptural Studies
11 Dr. Johns Varghese Scriptural Studies
12 Dr. Jerome Sylvester, SJ Systematic Theology
13 Prof. Maryann Pastoral Courses
14 Dr. Malcom Sequeira Pastoral and Moral Theology
15 Fr. P. D. Mathew, SJ Pastoral Courses
16 Prof. Pauly Maniyattu Systematic Theology
17 Prof. Peter Gonsalves, SB Systematic Theology
18 Dr. Rohini Virathan Pastoral Courses
19 Dr. Robert Pen, SDB Pastoral Courses
20 Prof. Saju George, SJ Systematic Theology
21 Dr. Sahaya Mary, MHM Pastoral Courses
22 Dr. Shajan Kuttiyil, OIC Pastoral and Moral Theology
23 Fr. Stephen Cosmon  Scriptural Studies
24 Fr. V. Louis Pastoral Courses
25 Dr. Wilson D’Souza, OFM Cap Scriptural Studies