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Installation of the New Office Bearers of JDV SC 2018-19

Installation of the New Office Bearers of JDV SC 2018-19

The installation of the newly elected office bearers of the JDV Students’ Council 2018-2019, took place on June 28, 2018 at the Papal Seminary Hall. The installation ceremony began with the recital of a hymn by the students of the PG Block. Immediately after the prayer, FrSelvaRethinam (the President of JDV), FrArjenTete (the animator of Students’ Council) and the newly elected members were invited to occupy their seats on the dais. There was a presentation of the activities and memoirs of the outgoing members of the incumbent Students’ Council by the JDV Media Association. FrSelvaRethinam felicitated the outgoing Council for their dedicated service to the institution and he also welcomed the new Council. He spoke about the important role played by the Students’ Council in the smooth conduct of activities at JDV. After his address Fr. ArjenTetegave away the certificates to out-going members of the Students’ Council.  This was followed by the oath taking ceremony of the newly elected members. FrArjenTete administered the oath of office.

After the oath-taking ceremony, the newly elected Chairperson Br Fredy A Madukkakuzhydelivered his first speech in which he thanked everyone for the reposing their trust in him and he also laid out his vision for the new Council. The Chairperson’s address was followed by the Vote of Thanks by Br Moses on behalf of the outgoing Students’ Council.

At the end of the installation ceremony, there was a book release of the book authored by FrJesurajRayappan SVD. FrSelva handed over the first copy of the book to Fr Thomas Malipurathu SVD, the Rector of SVD Seminary.

The ceremony came to an end with the JDV anthem at 12.40 pm.

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