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Inter Class Football Tournament 2018

Inter Class Football Tournament 2018

Inter Class Football Tournament 2018

  • Conducted by JDVSC, Cultural Wing: Bros.Tony,Rakesh, Fredy, Bright Singh, John Pamei,Ajith, Alan and Sr. Shanthi
  • Date– 19th– 26th July, 2018
  • Time– 4:00pm- 5:45pm
  • Venue: Papal Seminary Ground
  • Budget: 23,000/-

Brief Summary: The Inter-class Football Tournament 2018 was held at JDV from 19th– 26th July at the Papal Seminary Ground. A total of 7 teams participated in this tournament: IBPh + P.G. Block (combined as one team IIBPh, IIIBPh, IBTh, IIBTh, IIIBTh, IVBTh. The format of the game was a league system of matches where the teams were divided into 2 pools. Pool A comprised of 4 teams while Pool B was made up of 3 teams. Every day, 2 matches were played with the exception of the inaugural & final day. The duration for each game was 45 minutes (20+ 5+20). There were professional referees hired to officiate at every match viz. Mr. Brenton& Mr. Victor (Associated with St. Arnold’s High School). The final match was played between II year BPh. & 2nd Year BTh. The Second year BPhpipped the 2nd Year BTh team to clinch the title of champions of this tournament. Trophies, medals and certificates were awarded to the winners and runners up. Bro. Ajeesh of II year BPh won the Highest Goal Scorer of the Tournament award, scoring a total of 2 goals in the tourney while Br. Rahul of 2nd year BTh was adjudged the Best Player of the Tournament. The media Club members were present at all times to provide media coverage for the matches

Planning & Allotment of Responsibilities: The cultural wing members first met on 29th June, 2018 to plan and allot responsibilities for the tournament. The list of duties and the persons in-charge were as follows :-

  1. Tony- Permissions, purchasing of sports articles, trophies and medals, overseeing the work of other departments
  2. Alan- Ground measurement, marking, goal posts painting and maintenance.
  3. Bright Singh- Inauguration & Conclusion programme& Refreshment to the Referees and linemen during the matches.
  4. John Pamei& Dn. Rakesh- Art work and decoration & banners
  5. Ajith- In charge of sports articles, score board
  6. Shanthi- First-Aid, Snacks & Refreshments
  7. Literary Wing- Commentary & First Aid (Helping the Women’s Forum)
  8. Social Wing- Linesmen & helping with ground-marking.
  9. Class- co-ordinators- Sound- system & music & helping with Art Work.

The cultural wing members met twice every week since then to update the group on the happenings in each one’s department. Fr. ArjenTete, the JDVSC animator and Bro. Fredy, the JDVSC chairperson were regularly informed about the progress and updates of the preparation. The drawing of fixtures for the Tournament was held on 13th July, 2018. The team captains and managers were summoned. At this meeting, besides the allotment of pools and fixtures, the rules were also read out and suggestions were also taken in form the representatives of the participating teams. The ground was measured a week prior to the tournament and marked 2 days before the game kicked off. The members of the student council were present on the assigned dates to help in ground marking and setting up of the stage area.

Opening Ceremony (Thursday, 19th July, 2018: 4:15pm- 4:50pm)

Sr. Alice Holy Cross (SCC) was the MC of the programme. Fr. SelvaRathinam, the president of JDV, the chief guest of the day, along with Fr. Jose Thayil, the Registrar & Fr. ArjenTete, the JDVSC animator, Fr. Francis Gonsalves, the Dean of Theology Faculty were welcomed onto the field, escorted by Bro. Fredy& Bro. Tony. The players of the opening match and the current II Year B.Th. team who were the reigning champions of the previous year’s tournament were welcomed to the field with the traditional rhythm of the Parayi instrument played by Tamil brothers, Sisters with colourful umbrellas, brothers on cycles wearing white dress and children from Mr. Brenton’s football academy accompanying the players. This was followed by a prayer song by the SVD brothers. The Chief guest, Fr. Selva addressed the gathering and encouraged and motivated the players and organisers with his words. He then lit the torch, declaring the Football tournament open. There was a dance performance by Bro. Shailesh and his group from Papal seminary. The Theme song for the tournament made by Bro. Shawn and his team was played during the programme. The dignitaries greeted the players. After the coin toss, Fr. Vincent Crasta was invited to make the official kick-off.

Closing Ceremony & Final Match (Thursday, 26th July, 2018)

The chief guest for the occasion was Sr. Surekha, the moderator of the Centre for Women Studies. Fr. ArjenTete& Bro.Fredy were escorted onto the field. The M.C. was Bro Joiston, SDB. The players of the II year B.Ph. & 2nd year BTh entered the field in a creative dance accompanied by their respective cheering squads. The chief guest was welcomed with a sapling and then she addressed the gathering. This was followed by playing the theme song of the tournament, an official photo session and wishing of the players. The players were instructed on the field. Besides Mr. Brenton, official referee, Mr. Victor, his associate was also summoned to assist the linemen and referee. The match was played for played for a total of 65 minutes. The II year B.Ph. team won the match and were crowned champions. Sr. Surekha, the chief guest of the concluding day, Fr. Arjen and Bro. Fredy distributed the Prizes.Fr. Jose Thayil gave the honorarium to the referees.

Words of Gratitude

 The cultural wing members are deeply grateful to the staff & authorities especially Fr. SelvaRathinam, Fr. Jose Thayil and Fr. ArjenTete for giving us the consent and support for the tournament. The different wing leaders and their members were always present to lend a helping hand and carry out their task diligently. The JDVSC chair person, Bro. Fredy, SVD was present for all the matches and helped the cultural wing members in all the preparations. We are deeply indebted to the non-teaching staff who silently worked behind the scenes and carried out their tasks efficiently. To the communities of Papal Seminary, DNC, Holy Cross, Bethany Ashram, SVD, CM, MSFS, CMI, St. Paul’s, SDB, OSJ, Blessed Sacrament, Capuchins, PIME and CWS for standing- by our side for any help required during the days of the tournament. And finally, words of gratitude to all the participating teams along with the class coordinators, coaches and managers who were supportive and co-operative throughout the tournament.

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