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President’s Message

June 01, 2020

JDV’s Stepping into 2020-2021

Dear JDV Staff, Students & Campus Superiors,

Today, we enter into June 2020. I would like to give you the following information as we prepare ourselves for engaging our students with Comprehensive Exam and online modules.

  • No JDV Inaugural function:

Please note that there will be NO Inaugural function of any sort on June 08, 2020 as we are not physically re-opening JDV which may take place either in November 2020 or even later depending upon the pandemic situation and the directives from the state and the central government. However, may I request you to invoke the blessing of the Holy Spirit upon us in your respective communities on June 08, 2020.

  • Online Modules:

However, we will engage our students through online modules from June 09, 2020 and no formal classes will be held on the JDV campus as almost all our students are locked up in their own respective places in different parts of India and even abroad. Special thanks to Fr. Nishant Irudayadason who is the chief organizer of this programme and to Frs. Dinesh Braganza, Konrad Noronha, Jayaraju and Shiju Joseph who have agreed to assist those of us who are in need of help in carrying forward this programme in different houses and on the JDV premises.

I have already informed CCE about our online modules during this situation and a copy of it was sent to our Jesuit Authorities in Rome who responded to me with much appreciation for this venture.

Going online will be challenging and may pose some difficulties. But we can collectively solve the issues. We shall be especially understanding of those students facing different kinds of difficulties and challenges. So we request your cooperation and suggestions at any point of time.

  • The strength of the Students:

The total number of students in JDV in 2020-2021 would be 729 (B.Ph students are 191; BTh students are 420; MPh+PhD students are 36; MTh+PhD students are 82.); The total number of the newly registered students is 275 (B.Ph: 97; B.Th: 152; M.Ph: 6; M.Th: 13 (including PG diploma:2); PhD (Phil.): 3; PhD (Theo.): 4.); Some significant registrations: One year UG Diploma in Theology: 20; 1st Year MPh: 5; 1st year MPh-SR:1; 1st year MTh (Spirituality): 8; PG Diploma in Spirituality & Counselling: 2; 1st year MTh (Syst. Theo): 5; 1st year MTh (Moral Theo): 1. Cancellation of the Programme: 1 Yr diploma in Philosophy; Sabbatical; MBS; MPM & DPM; Ignatian Spirituality; MTh Missiology.

  • The strength of the staff:

Faculty of Philosophy: 8+2 (including Stephen Jayard who is on Sabbatical & Dolichan who is teaching in Boston College, USA (Jan-Mar 2020) & will be for his tertianship from Sept. 2020-Feb 2021 in Sri Lanka).

Faculty of Theology: 16+1 (including Paulraj who is on Sabbatical and 2 New staff (Victor Sagayam & Gregory).

  • As you know, there are 22 ‘Campus Houses’ (in the Campus Superiors’ Forum). There are some changes among the superiors. Thanks to Fr. George Ayyaneth, OIC the outgoing Rector of Bethany Ashram and welcome to Fr. Mathai Kadavil, OIC; Thanks to Sr. Surekha Lobo, BS the outgoing moderator of CWS and welcome to Sr. Fabian Jose UMI as the new moderator of CWS; Thanks to Fr. Thomas Malipurathu, SVD the outgoing Rector of Divine Word Seminary and welcome to Fr. Jesuraj Rayappan, SVD as the new Rector; Thanks to Fr. Johnson Gonsalves, MSFS the outgoing Rector of Fransalian Seminary and welcome to Fr. Vincent Lourduswamy, MSFS their new Rector; Thanks to Br. Willam R D’Mello, the outgoing superior of Montfort Sadan and welcome to Br. Roque D’Cunha the new superior; Thanks to Fr. Joe L Noorammakil, O.Praem the outgoing Rector of the Norbertine Study House and welcome to the new Rector Abbot E M Rocky D’Souza, O. Praem; Thanks to Fr. Anil Thomas, CM the outgoing Rector of Vincentian Vidya Sadan and welcome to Fr. John Lazar, CM the new Rector. Thanks to Fr. John Garodi the outgoing Rector of La Verna Capuchin Theologate and Fr. Benher Sanjao Patil the new Rector.

Welcome to each and everyone of you for 2020-2021! May the Lord continue to bless us and our students and strengthen us in carrying forward the mission that God had entrusted to us especially during this pandemic situation!

Yours in Our Lord,

Prof Selva Rathinam, SJ
President, Jnana-Deepa Vidyapeeth, Pune 411014

Guidelines for Online Courses

From Tuesday, June 9, 2020 JDV will be conducting various courses online for all its students, including Freshers and Master’s students. The platform to be used for online teaching is G-suite from Education from Google, especially GOOGLE CLASSROOM and GOOGLE MEET.

  1. All students of JDV (including the freshers) will be given a JDV email address (eg : Nishant.Irudayadason@jdv.edu.in) with a temporary password. The students will have to change the password the first time they login. They need to remember the new password for successive logins.
  2. Once the student’s JDV email is activated, s/he will be able to access Google Classroom and Google Meet integrated with JDV email address. (Example: Search for mail.google.com; Login as: Nishant.Irudayadason@jdv.edu.in; Password: pune1955)
  3. All students will be given training for online lectures batch-wise once they have access to Google Classroom, which is integrated with JDV email address.
  4. The professors will invite the students to join their class and students will receive the invitation in their respective JDV email addresses. They have to join the class by clicking ‘join’.
  5. Once they join the class, they will have to be online in Google Classroom and open the Google Meet in the schedule meant for the class. The Deans will inform them by Email.
  6. For each online course, the professors may post reading material in the Google Classroom and give real-time online lectures.
  7. Professors may also conduct regular continuous assessment online either though online quiz, or assignments.
  8. The final exam may be an online viva with the respective professors or a written assignment or exam as decided by the respective professors.
  9. The professors may also use PowerPoint presentation or multimedia presentation or jamboard (instead of the actual physical board in the classroom) during his/her lectures. In short it will not be any different from students being present in the physical classroom space.
  10. If any student finds it difficult to attend some of the classes, he/she can follow the same classes which will be regularly posted online.
  11. The Campus Superiors will receive a regular progress report of their students’ online learning for each course, if they choose to.

Should you need more information or clarification, please do not hesitate to contact by email any of the members constituting IT Team: (Nishant Irudayadason: nishant.irudayadason@jdv.edu.in, Dinesh Braganza: dinesh.braganza@jdv.edu.in, Konrad Noronha : konrad.noronha@jdv.edu.in).


  Regist. Acad.
Bachelor of Philosophy  200 10500 1500 12200
Bachelor of Theology/Diploma  200 10500 1500 12200
B Th (IV Year Comprehensive exam)    2000   2000
Master of Philosophy
Systematic Philosophy  200 11500 2500 14200
Science & Religion  200 11500 2500 14200
Master of Theology
Biblical  200 15000 2500 17700
MPM/DPM (I yr)  200 28000 2500 30700
MPM (II yr)  200 15000 2500 17700
Spirituality  200 15000 2500 17700
Ignatian Spirituality (Diploma)  200 15000 2500 17700
Moral Theology  200 15000 2500 17700
Missiology  200 11500 2500 14200
Systematic Theology  200 11500 2500 14200
Doctoral Studies (Phil. & Theo.)  200 11500 2500 14200
Doctoral Defence Year  200 21500 2500 24200

Direct Remittance : For JDV Fees :


When you send the fee, please email the details to the Treasurer (treasurer@jdv.edu.in / herman.tirkey@jdv.edu.in). 

Savings Account No. : SB A/C No. 0261101010098

Name of the Bank : Canara Bank

Branch: Ramwadi, Pune

IFS Code : CNRB0000261

Herman Tirkey, SJ