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Republic Day 2019

Republic Day 2019

On Republic Day 26th January 2019 the celebration began with the Eucharist at 8.30 am in the Papal Seminary Chapel. Introducing the theme of the Eucharist “Building a New Humanity through Renewed Faith,” Br. Manu CSC welcomed the Main Celebrant Fr. George Pattery SJ, the Vice Chancellor of Jnana Deepa Vidyapeeth to lead the congregation in prayer and worship. Mill Hill Missionaries Brothers led the Choir joyously singing and helping the congregation to pray. Fr. Selva Rathinam SJ, the President, Fr. Jose Thayail SJ, the Registrar, Fr. Francis Gonsalves SJ, the Dean of Theology, Fr. Kuruvilla Pandikattu SJ, the Dean of Philosophy, Fr. Bhausaheb Sansare SJ, Rector of Papal Seminary and Fr. John Garodi OFM, the Representative of Superior’s Forum were the main Concelebrants along with other Staff and student priests. As a sign of welcome the main celebrants were welcomed with Aarti. Soon after the entrance hymn Fr. Selva Rathinam welcomed the Vice Chancellor and the congregation. Sr. Jamesy, a Doctoral Student read the first reading and Fr. Francis proclaimed the Gospel. Fr. George in his homily highlighted the Unity in Diversity in JDV and also the different nationalities that exist in JDV. Br. Sajan the class coordinator of II yr BPh read the prayers of the faithful.  After the distribution of the Holy Communion Fr. Jose Thayil thanked all those who were involved in the day’s organization.

Flag hoisting ceremony was organized in front of JDV library. Br. Amit D’ Britto OFM was the MC for the ceremony and he invited Fr. George Pattery to hoist the flag. Br. John Ekka SJ gave the commands to the crowd. With one voice everyone sang the national anthem followed by the speech of Br. Evan Bassnet SJ II Yr BPh Student who delivered the message for the republic day. The Second and third Year Philosophy Students beautifully sang Vande Mataram. High Tea was arranged for the staff and the students of JDV.

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