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JDV offers a limited number of scholarships to deserving students each year based on the contribution received from various donors. If you wish to apply for a scholarship, contact the President’s office at presidentsecretary@jdv.edu.in (extn: 543). The duly filled application forms should be submitted by July 10, 2019 and they are  screened and approved by the donor agencies. It may not be possible to guarantee scholarships before admission is granted to a program of study. Students for Missio/ Missiological scholarships need to apply only at the beginning of their academic program, whereas for Jesuit scholarships even the continuing students need to apply at the beginning of every academic year in spite of their applications at the beginning of their academic program. Missiological scholarship is only for the doctoral students. Jesuit scholarship is for all regular JDV women students who are not eligible for missio scholarship. Missio scholarship is for the rest who are eligible.

1. Only students below the age of 40 years.
2. Women/Lay students enrolled in BPh/BTh.
3. All  Students enrolled in Masters/Doctoral/PG Diploma.
4. Since ‘neediness’ is the criterion for scholarship, congregations and dioceses from Kerala, Goa and Tamil Nadu regions are excluded from scholarship and this exclusion is not applicable to doctoral students.
5. A student gets a partial scholarship of 500 Eur per year. For doctoral / lay persons of a regular program a full scholarship is possible.
6. A student generally should obtain scholarship for only one program of study at JDV. Exceptions should be possible in case of very talented students without own means.

7. As a rule, only three students from one diocese or from one province of a religious community can be subsidized at a time.
8. It is not permitted to cofund scholarships with other agencies.
9. The following requisites for scholarships should be submitted by March 10, 2020: Summarized narrative report;  summarized financial report; scholarship payment signed by the student; evidence of attendance from the Dean or the Coordinator; a letter stating to whom the money should be given ; photocopy receipt of JDV tuition fees and board & lodge.