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The First Extension Lecture organized by the JDVSC Social Wing

The First Extension Lecture organized by the JDVSC Social Wing

The first extension lecture, organized by the JDVSC Social Wing for this academic year, was held on 27th July 2018 at the Neuner Hall. The lecture, themed “Offer your bodies as a living Sacrifice,” began at 6:30 pm. This lecture intended as follow up of the Neo-Pelagianism and Neo-Gnosticism Seminar and the CDF Document “PlacuitDeo”. Br. Mobinfacilitated the event welcoming the audience and inviting Sr. Adileena and her team to lead the gathering in prayer. Subsequently, Fr. Andrew Francis (JPGB) was invited to the dais and to chair the session. Fr. Andrew welcomed and introduced Prof. Dr. Francis Gonsalves SJ, the Dean of Theology, JDV.Prof. Gonsalves began his lecture asking all sitting the participants to get up from their respective seats and greet one another as sign of joy and happiness. He, then, systematically explained how to present our bodies as living sacrifice. Basing his lecture on PlacuitDeo and VeritatisGaudium he elaborated the understanding of Christian salvation. The lecture was well attended by some 100 participants. The moderator efficiently and effectively facilitated the session and stimulated questions and discussions from the floor.The audience seemed satisfied with the lecture. The JDV Media team did the photo coverage of the event. Bro. Sojan, the coordinator of the Social Wing proposed the vote of thanks. And in that note of gratitude, the extension lecture came to an end at 7.40 pm.

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