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On August 30th evening, 2019 JDV Women’s Forum hosted three hours workshop entitled “Cultivating Empowering Skills for Solidarity and Service” at Centre for Women Studies. The workshop began with the refreshment at 3.45pm followed by programme at 4.15pm.We sought for God’s blessings and his guidance as Sr. Prabina led us into prayer. Sr. Hariyat welcomed the gathering. Then we had the releasing of Sr. Fabian’s two books namely “Renewed Vision for Consecrated LifeMystics, Prophets and Jesus Christ” and “The Relevance of Thomas Merton’s Spirituality for the Consecrated Life in India” by Sr. Patricia Santos. It was distributed to Sr. Mercy, the Coordinator of Women’s Forum and Sr. Alice, the Secretary. We appreciated and thanked Sr. Fabian for her enormous hard work and the time put together for this new adventure of publishing these books as the first person in her Congregation to publish the books. Sr. Fabian enkindled our inner desire to give shape to our thoughts and reflections by writing articles and books. The release of her book was a great inspiration for us to make our dream too come true. She also enthused our will to be active, creative and vibrant in all our actions.

 Sr. Alice, the secretary of Women’s Forum introduced the chief guest –         Sr. Patricia Santos, RJM. Sr. Patricia Santos led us into creative, innovative and interesting activities through which we were able to recognise our abilities and the good qualities that make us unique and empowered. We were asked to introduce ourselves with a particular adjective that begins with the first letter of our name and proceeded by taking the name of others as we were moving around introducing in pairs. Then we were divided into groups and were given balloon to be carried safely to the destiny. In another activity each group was trying to present themselves as a machine by without using any external objects. The gathering was informal and comfortable, filled with lots of fun, bond of togetherness, joy of participating together actively. After every activity there was an evaluation and discussion to draw some learning out of it. Sr. Patricia also spoke of three C’s namely, “Compassion, Cooperation and Collaboration.” All these performances elicited our zeal to be focused on our common goal, committed, sacrificial, to let go of our personal interest for greater purpose, to have pre-planning of the strategy for the effective progress and cooperation and triggered us to recognise, cherish and practice the strength we possess to be empowered and to empower each other in solidarity and service.

As we thanked Sr. Patricia for inspiring and motivating us, we proceeded with thanking Sr. Regina the former core group member of Women’s Forum. As she takes leave of from the core group due to her health problems, and we welcomed Sr. Santhi to substitute her. Then Sr. Mercy, the Coordinator of Women’s Forum gave us some information of the upcoming events of the year. At the end, vote of thanks was proposed by Sr.Christinal, the core group member of the Forum.

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